Pervious Concrete Projects

Restuccia Excavating Pervious Concrete Dover RoofingRestuccia Excavating Pervious Concrete Dover Roofing 2

Restuccia Excavating Pervious Concrete Dover Roofing 3

Pervious concrete offers tremendous advantages for areas where water runoff is an issue and “green” products are required.  Pervious concrete is a special blend of concrete that allows water to absorb and drain through it, eliminating the need for expensive storm water drainage systems.  Water is absorbed quickly, eliminating runoff and erosion problems.  A stone base is placed under the slab and acts as a storm water drainage pit would, allowing water to drain through it, without the need for inlet structures and piping.  It can be used for a variety of projects including sidewalks, patios, and parking lots.  Restuccia Excavating did extensive research and purchased the necessary tools to complete these projects efficiently and properly.  The first three pictures are one of the first pervious concrete projects located in the York area.  Restuccia Excavating completed this parking lot for Dover Roofing in 2011.



































Restuccia Excavating Pervious Colored Concrete
Colored Pervious Concrete Driveway




To the left and below is a private driveway completed by Restuccia Excavating in July of 2013.  The project is located in West Chester, Pa and features concrete coloring.