Our company has sufficient equipment to complete almost any size excavation/site project.  Whether it be a simple fix, such as repairing downspout drainage issues, to large scale commercial site development projects, the Restuccia team has the knowledge and drive to get it done.  Residential site projects include single-family homes, garages, townhome communities, and apartment buildings.  Completed commercial projects include Chipotle restaurants, Rutter’s convenience stores, Turkey Hill Minit Markets, The First Post, The Sherwood Inn, Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Member’s 1st credit union, and many more. 

  1.  building/foundation excavation
  2. utility trenching / installation
  3. septic systems and line installation
  4. stormwater systems and pits
  5. site preparation
  6. site/final grading
  7. preparation of parking lots, driveways, and roads
  8. erosion and sediment control devices
  9. concrete/asphalt cutting and demolition